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Window Cleaning

Dirty windows can be an instant barrier to your business. While you may run a tight ship on the inside, it simply won’t matter if you can’t see past the murky exterior. First impressions matter, therefore in order to guard against getting any negative ones, be proactive and sparkle from the outside in!

We have years of experience in commercial window cleaning and can tackle any type or size of window while producing consistently impressive results.  As we are professional commercial cleaners, we have a working insight and understanding of what our commercial clients need and we therefore adapt our approach to ensure we don’t disrupt the inners workings of your office or daily routines, should we be there during working hours. We use all the latest equipment and technology to give you the very best clean in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Enjoy a clear outlook everyday with Sophie’s Sparkle professional window cleaning service.

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Window Cleaning

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