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Deep Disinfectant Clean

Deep disinfectant cleaning guaranteed to eradicate germs, viruses and superbugs.

As we start reopening our businesses and returning to the office, as lockdown conditions are eased, or once furlough ends in June, more companies are considering a deep office clean before returning. 

At Sophie’s Sparkle, we have invested in the latest state-of-the-art cleaning technology. Using electrostatic cleaning, the cleaning liquid is electrically charged, so when sprayed the droplets become positively charged, which means they stick to any type of surface. When you then remove those droplets, it eradicates all germs, viruses and superbugs, including COVID-19. 

It reaches even the very hard to reach places such as vents, fans and under furniture. It means that your premises are hospital grade clean.

In order to support our business community in returning to work in safe and clean premises, we have created a special offer. We are offering you a free deep disinfectant office clean using electrostatic technology, worth £1000. In return, we are asking you to sign up for our regular office cleaning service for 12 months at a minimum of 2 hours per week, at a cost of £16 +VAT per hour. 

For further information please contact me on 0330 124 7299 or email me at info@sophiessparklecleaningservices.co.uk


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