Over a decade of Commercial Cleaning

About Us

A family run business with over 14 years’ experience, we have built up a highly trained and professional team of commercial cleaners who understand the importance of consistency, reliability and high standards. Based in Edinburgh but covering the whole of Scotland, we cater for clients large and small and tailor our approach to suit each individual business.

Our business is built around how well we deliver for your business therefore when deciding to work with Sophie’s Sparkle you are deciding to invest in a flexible, affordable and trustworthy team who pride themselves on not just delivering the high standards all our clients should expect from us but a first-class customer service.

Director’s Statement 

Like any business owner knows, success rarely comes easy but with hard work, ambition and an unwavering determination to fulfil our vision, Samantha and I have created a business we are exceptionally proud of.

Our cleaning company is so much more than a wipe down here and a scrub there. To us, it’s about delivering an integrated service that makes a real and lasting difference to businesses across the country. By employing only the very best people and working only to the highest of standards, we remain in complete control of our service delivery and in turn our reputation.

Perception is personal to us therefore each business we work with has complete confidence that we will constantly strive to not only meet their expectations but exceed them.

As we innovate to stay ahead in this fast-changing environment, we do so in an environmental conscious way but without compromising on the effectiveness of the service we are guaranteeing our clients.

We look forward to continuing to build relationships with our commercial partners and sectors so we can all reap the rewards of a clean, safe and healthy environment.


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Our Eco-Ethos

We commit to keeping every environment clean

Investing in eco-friendly cleaning products and methods is a sure way of ensuring that we live in a healthy, clean and toxic-free environment.

The products we use are manufactured using sustainable methods and comprise safe, natural biodegradable ingredients, which help reduce our carbon footprint.

As professional Eco cleaners, we have commercial-strength products that deliver the same high-quality results as chemical products but without the harmful impact for both your staff and the environment.

We perform all of our cleaning tasks in a way that does not waste unnecessary water and we commit to not only minimising our waste but disposing and recycling it safely and responsibly.

When choosing Sophie’s Sparkle, you are choosing to protect our planet, safe in the knowledge that it won’t compromise the effectiveness of your commercial clean.

If we can keep your business clean while protecting our planet, then let’s do it!


Covid Compliant

Our many years’ experience has taught us that business never stands still, therefore innovating to meet demand is nothing new at Sophie’s Sparkle. As we continue to navigate through these challenging times, we have adapted our business to ensure our existing and new clients have access to the services they need to make their premises Covid compliant. 

Our investment in full body PPE, Certified Antiviral Disinfectants and Fogging Formulas means you can have complete confidence that not only will we leave your premises fully compliant but our certified and Covid trained cleaners will deliver a fully risk assessed and safe service before carrying out your clean.

We issue our clients with full Covid-19 advanced guidance so they know exactly what to expect in terms of the clean process, all part of our commitment to ensuring safe delivery and a full understanding of the chemicals we use in order to comply.